Sodium Chloride Tablets (0.1 mol) (100 tablets)

Sodium Chloride Tablets (0.1 mol) (100 tablets)

Code: A09-0100-100
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 09-0100-100
Product size: 100 tablets
Clearance: RUO

Price: $75.00


Product Description

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For Research Use Only.

Sodium Chloride Tablets 0.1 mol NaCl tablets have been developed for use in many different applications. The tablets work perfectly in combination with Medicago's Smart Buffers to adjust the sodium chloride concentration. To reach the desired sodium chloride concentration, simply add one tablet per 100 mM needed in one litre.

Product Characteristics

  • Easy way to adjust NaCl concentration.
  • Highest purity and quality.
  • Exactly pre-weighed tablets.
  • Ready to use in minutes.

Product Components

  • Chemicals: Analytical grade chemicals ≥ 99.9%.
  • Format: Exactly pre-weighed tablets.
  • Formulation 0.1 mol NaCl/tablets, no additives.
  • Weight 5.844 g/tablet.
  • Weight precision ± 0.03 g.
  • Volume: 1000 mL.

Product Applications


Molecular biology.


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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