Ringer Solution tablets

Ringer Solution tablets

Code: A09-1025-100
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 09-1025-100
Product size: 100 tablets
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Product Description

Medicago AB products are available worldwide.

For Research Use Only.

Ringer solution maintains the osmotic balance for bacteria. It is used for the preparation of suspension of samples and other biological matter in dilution techniques for enumeration. It is also used in the microbial control of apparatus by the rinse and swab method.

Product Characteristics

  • Isotonic, non-toxic buffer
  • Guaranteed reproducibility
  • Ready to use in minutes
  • Save space in stock rooms

Product Components

  • Medicago’s Ringer solution is supplied as pre-weighed tablets in bottles.
  • One tablet yields 500 ml of buffer solution in the composition:1 x solution; 2.25 g/L Sodium chloride, 0.105 g/L Potassium chloride, 0.12 g/L Calcium chloride and, 0.05 g/L Sodium bicarbonate.

Product Applications

Isotonic sample diluent

Rinse solution for microbial control, the rinse and swab method

Suspension of solid food and other specimens

Diluent for pure bacteria colonies

Instructions For Use

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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