Phosphate Buffered Saline with Tween 20 (PBS-T) (pH 7.4) (500 mL) (100 tablets)

Phosphate Buffered Saline with Tween 20 (PBS-T) (pH 7.4) (500 mL) (100 tablets)

Code: A09-8902-100
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 09-8902-100
Product size: 100 tablets
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Product Description

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Phosphate Buffered Saline with Tween 20 (PBS-T) buffer contains the non-ionic detergent Tween 20 which acts through blocking. It has the ability to reduce non-specific binding and protein-protein interaction during the wash step in protein and immunoassay procedures such as ELISA and Western blotting. Decreasing the non-specific binding and staining makes ELISA results and blots easier to interpret.

Product Characteristics

  • PBS with non-ionic detergent.
  • Analytical grade reagents.
  • Exactly pre-weighed tablets.
  • Ready to use in minutes.

Product Components

  • Chemicals: Analytical grade.
  • Format: Exactly pre-weighed tablets.
  • Volume: 500 mL.
  • Composition: 0.14 M NaCl, 0.0027 M KCl, 0.05% Tween 20, 0.010 M PO43-.
  • pH: 7.4 ± 0.05 at 25°C.
  • Shelf Life: Three years after production date.

Product Applications

Washing buffer for ELISA.

Washing buffer for Western blotting.

General immunoassays.

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