PBS tablets pH 7.4 (10 bottles x 1000 mL/bottle)

PBS tablets pH 7.4 (10 bottles x 1000 mL/bottle)

Code: A10-9402-10
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 10-9402-10
Product size: 10 bottles x 1000 mL/bottle
Clearance: RUO

Product Description

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Among biological buffers PBS is one of the most commonly used. The buffer is isotonic and non-toxic to cells and has the ability to maintain their osmolarity. Thereby the buffer is suitable for washing procedures in cell cultures and for immunoassays such as ELISA and immuno-histochemical procedures. It is often used for sample dilution in molecular biology and as protein diluent in Western blotting. Furthermore, the buffer can function as an equilibrator for gel filter columns (1).

1. A peptide carrier for the delivery of biologically active proteins into mammalian cells. (2001) MC Morris, J Depollier, J Mery, F Heitz.Nature Biotechnology 19, 1173 - 1176.

Product Characteristics

  • Formulated from analytical grade reagents
  • Autoclavable
  • Choice of two compositions: with or without potassium
  • Available as convenient tablets or powder mix in pouches
  • Ready to use in minutes

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Product Applications


Immuno-histochemical procedures

Microbiological procedures

Tissue and cell culture procedures

Sample dilution

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