D(+)Glucose 20% Powder (1 L) (5 pouches)

D(+)Glucose 20% Powder (1 L) (5 pouches)

Code: A12-9165-5
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 12-9165-5
Product size: 5 pouches (1 L)
Clearance: RUO

Price: $190.00


Product Description

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For Research Use Only.

D-glucose (D+), also referred to as dextrose monohydrate, is a very important carbohydrate in biology and as an energy source for cultivation of microorganisms. It is biologically active.

Product Characteristics

  • Highest purity.
  • Protected from contamination.
  • Exactly pre-weighed powder mix.
  • Hassle free - simply add water.
  • Ideal for standardizing laboratory work.

Product Components

  • Format: Exactly pre-weighed powder.
  • Concentration: Glucose 20%.
  • Volume: 1000 mL.
  • Shelf life: Three years after production date.

Product Applications

Sugar solution routinely used in laboratories.

Use in growth media.

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