LIAPHEN™ Free Protein S

LIAPHEN™ Free Protein S

Code: A120004-RUO
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 120004
Product size: Kit
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Product Description

LIAPHEN™ Free Protein S kit is an immunoturbidimetric assay for in vitro quantitative determination of Free Protein S Antigen (Free PS:Ag) on human citrated plasma, using an automated method. Reagents are in the liquid presentation, ready to use.

This kit is For Research Use Only and must not be used for patient diagnosis or treatment.

Product Characteristics

  • Immuno-turbidimetric method for Free Protein S:Ag, with ready to use liquid reagents

Product Components

  • R1 Reagent 1: Reaction Buffer, liquid form. Contains BSA. 4 vials of 3 mL.
  • R2 Reagent 2: Latex, liquid form. Contains BSA. 4 vials of 4.4 mL.

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