Encephalitozoon Cuniculia (EC) ELISA

Encephalitozoon Cuniculia (EC) ELISA

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: 18-9001-1
Product size: 1 kit
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Product Description

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For Research Use Only.

Medicago's Encephalitozoon Cuniculi (EC) ELISA kit is used to detect antibodies against E. cuniculi. It includes two coated 96-well microtiter plates and all reagents and controls necessary to perform the analysis. Each plate provides 48 tests.

For laboratory use only.

Product Characteristics

  • Complete ready-to-use kit.
  • Detection of antibodies against E. cuniculi in rabbit serum.

Product Components

  • 2 microtiter plates, 96 wells, coated with EC antigen and negative control antigen.
  • 2 tablets of PBS-Tween, 10 g.
  • 0.1 mL EC positive control.
  • 0.1 mL EC negative control.
  • 0.04 mL Peroxidase conjugate secondary antibody.
  • 22 mL EC-Blue Enhanced Substrate.
  • 10 mL Stop solution, 0.5 M H2SO4.

Product Applications

Veterinary procedures.

Detection and verification of antibodies against EC in rabbit serum.

Screening entire populations of rabbits for encephaliotozoonosis.

Verification of a putative clinical diagnosis of E. cuniculi infection.

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