Code: A221402-CAN
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 221402
Product size: 2 x 2.5 mL
Clearance: CE / HCL

Price: $500.00


Product Description

In EU: This Product is CE Marked.

Health Canada Licensed.

Chromogenic assay for the measurement of Factor VIII:C activity in human citrated plasma, Factor VIII:C concentrates, or biological fluids. Automated or Manual method. Calibrator plasma and controls (at two levels) are available. This assay offers two working ranges for Factor VIII:C (Low: 0 to 25% and High: 0 to 200%).

Product Characteristics

  • Total Assay Time: ≤ 10 min
  • Detection Threshold:
      High Range: 10%
      Low Range: 0.2%
  • Dynamic Range:
      High Range: 5 to 200%
      Low Range: 1 to 25%
  • Intra-Assay CV: 3 to 5%
  • Inter-Assay CV: 4 to 7%
  • Number of Tests (Manual Microplate Method): 2 x 50 Tests
  • Reference Material: FVIII:C International Standard

Product Components

  • R1: 2 x 2.5 mL Human FX, lyophilized.
  • R2: 2 x 2.5 mL Activation Reagent, lyophilized.
  • R3: 2 x 2.5 mL Chromogenic substrate specific for FXa (SXa-11), lyophilized.
  • R4+: 4 x 25 mL Tris-BSA Buffer, ready to use.

Product Applications

Measurement of Factor VIII:C in research applications.

Associated calibrator and controls are available: BIOPHEN™ Plasma Calibrator (Ref A222101-CAN), BIOPHEN™ Normal Control Plasma (Ref A223201-CAN) and BIOPHEN™ Abnormal Control Plasma (Ref A223301-CAN).

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