BIOPHEN Calibrator FVIIa

BIOPHEN Calibrator FVIIa

Code: A226301
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 226301
Product size: 6 x 2 mL

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Product Description

In EU: This product is CE Marked.

The BIOPHEN™ Calibrator Factor VIIa kit is a calibrator for activated Factor VII (FVIIa) activity measurements titrated and optimized using a clotting assay with the HEMOCLOT™ Factor VIIa (CK092K) kit. This kit is for research use only and must not be used for patient diagnosis or treatment.

Product Characteristics

  • Purified human Factor VIIa, lyophilized. Contains BSA.
  • Established against highly purified human FVIIa, containing a titrated quantity of FVIIa of approximately 400 mIU/mL.

Product Components

  • CAL: 6 x 2 mL

Product Applications

BIOPHEN™ Calibrator Factor VIIa is used to establish a calibration curve to measure Factor VIIa levels by clotting method, such as that provided by HEMOCLOT™ Factor VIIa (CK092K) kit.

Please Note: IVD Not for Sale in US.

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