Ames MPF 98/100 - with S9 and Positive Controls

Ames MPF 98/100 - with S9 and Positive Controls

Code: AA10-210-S1-P
Manufacturer’s Part Number: A10-210-S1-P
Product size: 10 Samples Kit
Clearance: RUO

Price: $3,740.00


Product Description

Ames MPF 98/100- with S9 and Positive controls, Aroclor 1254 induced Lyophilized Rat Liver S9

Product Characteristics

  • The Ames MPF 98/100 assay comprises the histidine auxotrophic Salmonella tester strains TA98 for detecting frameshift mutations and TA100 which is reverted by base-pair substitutions and all media required to perform the assay. TA98 and TA100 are commonly used for mutagenicity screening because they indicate both frameshift and base-pair mutations. These kits are shipped at ambient temperature. Strains must be stored at -70°C upon arrival.

Product Components

  • 10 Vials Semisolid TA100.
  • 10 Vials Semisolid TA98.
  • 10 Vials Amp-icillin.
  • S9 100/1537 Booster Solution.
  • Growth Media, Exposure Media and Indicator Media.
  • Aroclor 1254 induced Lyophilized Rat Liver S9.
  • Positive Controls: 2-NF, 2-AA, 4-NQO.
  • Sufficient for 10 samples when tested with and without S9, in triplicates, 6 concentrations,with negative and positive controls. This equals a total of 480 measurements per strain.

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