Lyophilized Platelets (1 x 5 mL)

Lyophilized Platelets (1 x 5 mL)

Code: AAG006A-CAN
Manufacturer’s Part Number: AG006A
Product size: 1 x 5 mL

Price: Discontinued


Product Description

In EU: This Product is CE Marked.

In Canada: Health Canada Licensed.

Quantitative determination of von Willebrand Factor (vWF) in human plasma, through its Ristocetin cofactor activity, by using lyophilized platelets and ristocetin.

Product Characteristics

  • Total Assay Time: < 10 min
    To be used along with Ristocetin.

Product Components

  • R1: 1 x 5 mL Formalin-fi x ed platelets, lyophilized in the presence of stabilizers.

Product Applications

For measurement of von Willebrand Factor (vWF) via Ristocetin Cofactor activity in research applications.

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Instructions For Use

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