Ames MPF PENTA I - with S9 & Positive Controls

Ames MPF PENTA I - with S9 & Positive Controls

Code: AC10-512-S1-P
Manufacturer’s Part Number: C10-512-S1-P
Product size: 10 Samples Kit
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Product Description

Ames MPF PENTA I- with S9 and positive Controls, Aroclor 1254 Induced Lyophilized Rat Liver S9

Product Characteristics

  • The Ames MPF Penta I assay comprises the histidine auxotrophic Salmonella tester strains TA98, TA100, TA1535, TA1537 and two tryptophan auxotrophic tester strains E.coli wp2 (E.coli wp2 [pKM101] and E.coli wp2 uvrA, combined exposure) as well as all media required to perform the assay. The strains included in this kit meet the requirements of the OECD guideline 471 for testing chemicals. These kits are shipped at ambient temperature. Strains must be stored at -70°C upon arrival.

Product Components

  • 10 Vials Semisolid TA100.
  • 10 Vials Semisolid TA98.
  • 10 Vials Semisolid TA1535.
  • 10 Vials Semisolid TA1537.
  • 10 Vials Semisolid E.coli uvrA and E.Coli pKM101.
  • 10 Vials Amp-icillin.
  • S9 100/1537 Booster Solution.
  • Aroclor 1254 Induced Lyophilized Rat Liver S9.
  • Positive Controls: 2-NF, 2-AA, 9-AAc, 4-NQO, N4-ACT.
  • Growth Media, Salmonella Exposure Medium, E.coli Exposure Medium, Salmonella Indicator Medium and E.coli Indicator Medium.
  • Sufficient for 10 samples when tested with and without S9, in triplicates, 6 concentrations,with negative and positive controls. This equals a total of 480 measurements per strain.

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