Code: ACK575K-RUO
Manufacturer’s Part Number: CK575K-RUO
Product size: 8 x 5 mL
Clearance: RUO

Price: $275.00


Product Description

In US and Canada: For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Thrombin reagent for the quantitative determination of Fibrinogen in human citrated plasma using a clotting method (Clauss method).

Product Characteristics

  • Total Assay Time: < 3 min
  • Dynamic Range: 1-12 g/L
  • Intra-Assay CV: < 3%
  • Inter-Assay CV: < 4%

Product Components

  • 8 x 5 mL
  • Reagent containing calcium thrombin from bovine origin: about 100 NIH/mL.

Product Applications

Measurement of Fibrinogen in research applications.

Associated calibrator and controls are available: BIOPHEN™ Plasma Calibrator (Ref A222101-RUO), BIOPHEN™ Normal Control Plasma (Ref A223201-RUO) and BIOPHEN™ Abnormal Control Plasma (Ref A223301-RUO).

Instructions For Use

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Technical Data

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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