Recombinant Rat IFN-γ (CHO derived)

Recombinant Rat IFN-γ (CHO derived)

Code: ACT045
Manufacturer’s Part Number: CT045
Product size: 15 µg/vial

Price: Discontinued


Product Description

For Research Use Only in the United States and Canada.

U-CyTech Products are Available Worldwide.

Recombinant rat interferon gamma (IFN-γ) (CHO-derived), lyophilized.

Product Characteristics

  • Production: By Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells transformed with the chromosomal gene encoding rat IFN-γ. Cells are cultured in vitro using serum-free medium.
  • Purity: > 98% pure.
  • Endotoxin: ≤ 0.1 EU/vial.
  • Specificity: Biologically active on rat and mouse cells to a similar degree but shows no bioactivity on human cells.

Product Components

  • 15 µg/vial (1.5x105 units/vial) (the exact amount is indicated on the vial).

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