Human IL-17F ELISPOT Kit

Human IL-17F ELISPOT Kit

Code: ACT418-T2
Manufacturer’s Part Number: CT418-T2
Product size: Black spots, 2-plate format, transparent plates (plates included)

Price: $565.00


Product Description

For Research Use Only in the United States and Canada.

U-CyTech Products are Available Worldwide.

Human interleukin 17F (IL-17F) ELISPOT kit.

Product Characteristics

  • Transparent polystyrene flat-bottomed Nunc MaxiSorp plates.

Product Components

  • Black spots, 2-plate format, transparent plates (plates included).
  • Coating antibodies.
  • Biotinylated detector antibodies.
  • φ-labeled goat anti-biotin antibodies (GABA).
  • Activator solutions.
  • Blocking stock solution B.
  • Dilution buffer T.
  • Tween-20.
  • Transparent ELISPOT plates with lids and cover slips.
  • Detailed Manual.

Product Applications

Instructions For Use

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)