Factor XI Deficient Plasma (1 x 1 mL)

Factor XI Deficient Plasma (1 x 1 mL)

Code: ADP070A-RUO
Manufacturer’s Part Number: DP070A-RUO
Product size: 1 x 1 mL
Clearance: RUO

Price: $75.00


Product Description

In US and Canada: For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Deficient plasma for the assay of Factor XI. All the clotting factors are present (constant and in the normal range, brought by the deficient plasma), except for FXI, which is brought by the diluted tested plasma, and clotting is triggered with cephalin, activator and calcium (APTT). FXI is the limiting factor and clotting time is inversely proportional to the concentration of FXI.

Product Characteristics

  • Plasma deficient for FXI: < 1%
  • Other coagulation factors: > 50%

Product Components

  • Citrated human plasma, deficient for Factor XI, immuno-depleted, lyophilized in the presence of glycine and stabilizers.

Product Applications

For measurement of Factor XI (FXI or Rosenthal Factor) activity in research applications.

For any in vitro protocol or research study where a source of human FXI deficient plasma is required.

Associated calibrator and controls are available: BIOPHEN Plasma Calibrator (Ref A222101-RUO), BIOPHEN Normal Control Plasma (Ref A223201-RUO) and BIOPHEN Abnormal Control Plasma (Ref A223301-RUO).

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