Ames II 98/Mix with S9 and Positive Controls

Ames II 98/Mix with S9 and Positive Controls

Code: AE10-213-S1-P
Manufacturer’s Part Number: E10-213-S1-P
Product size: 10 samples kit

Price: Discontinued


Product Description

Ames II 98/Mix with S9 and Positive Controls, Aroclor Induced 1254 Lyophilized Rat Liver S9

Product Characteristics

  • Rapid screening: The Ames II assay comprises the frameshift strain TA98, and TAMix, consisting of 6 histidine auxotrophic Salmonella tester strains, TA7001-TA7006. Each of these mutants can be reverted only by a specific transition or transversion, so that all possible base-pair changes can be detected by TAMix. TA98 and TAMix may be used for mutagenicity screening because they indicate both frameshift and base-pair mutations. The TA700x tester strains are not included among the recommended tester strains in the current, formal test guidelines. The Ames MPF 98/100 detects a similar mutational spectrum but contains the traditional Ames tester strains TA98 and TA100. These kits are only available with strains in liquid media and are shipped on dry ice. Strains must be stored at -70°C upon arrival.

Product Components

  • 10 Vials Liquid TA98 (frameshift mutations).
  • 10 Vials Liquid TA Mix (base-pair substitutions).
  • 10 Vials Amp-icillin.
  • Aroclor Induced 1254 Lyophilized Rat Liver S9.
  • Growth Media, Exposure and Indicator Media.
  • Positive Controls: 2-NF, 40NQO, 2-AA.
  • Sufficient for 10 samples when tested with and without S9, in triplicates, 6 concentrations,with negative and positive controls. This equals a total of 480 measurements per strain.

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