NR Neutral Red - 1200 tests

NR Neutral Red - 1200 tests

Code: AKRN96-1200
Manufacturer’s Part Number: KRN96-1200
Product size: 1200 tests without microplates

Price: Discontinued


Product Description

Neutral Red (NR)- 1200 tests

Product Characteristics

  • The neutral red (NR) assay procedure is a cell survival/viability assay based on the ability of viable cells to incorporate and bind neutral red within lysosomes. It is best performed on adherent cells.
  • NR is a weak cationic dye that readily penetrates the cell membrane and accumulates intracellularly in lysosomes (lysosomal pH < cytoplasmic pH), where it binds to anionic sites of the lysosomal matrix. Changes of the cell surface or the sensitive lysosomal membrane lead to lysosomal fragility and other changes that gradually become irreversible. Such alterations brought about by the action of xenobiotics result in a decreased uptake and binding of NR. It is thus possible to distinguish between viable, damaged, or dead cells.
  • The quantity of dye incorporated into cells is measured by spectrometry at 540 nm, and is directly proportional to the number of cells with an intact membrane.

Product Components

  • NR - Wash Solution 1 x 400 mL.
  • NR - Labeling solution (stock) 1 x 5 mL.
  • NR - Fix ing solution 1 x 132 mL.
  • NR - Solubilization solution 1 x 265 mL.

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