MicroAmes6 98/100 - Ready to use Ames Test Kit in 6 Well Agar Plates

MicroAmes6 98/100 - Ready to use Ames Test Kit in 6 Well Agar Plates

Code: AL06-210-S2-P
Manufacturer’s Part Number: L06-210-S2-P
Product size: 6 Sample Kit
Clearance: RUO

Product Description

6 Sample Kit with TA98 and TA100, incl. PB/NF induced S9 and Positive Controls, Buffers, Agar, 540 Measuring Points. MicroAmes6 is a ready to use, miniaturized kit for the Ames test including strains, media, PB/NF induced rat liver S9, positive controls, ampicillin, booster solution. All components are quality controlled and come with a certificate of analysis.

Product Characteristics

  • Quality controlled products: all products included in the kit are quality controlled according to OECD TG471.
  • Certificate of Analysis: Provided with each kit.
  • Enough Material to process Strains individually, +/- S9.
  • Shipped at Room Temperature from external Storage in Germany or from Switzerland.
  • 4 times less test compound as compared to the Ames Test in Petri Dishes.
  • Less hands-on-time and simultaneous processing of several replicates.
  • 3Rs - significant less consumption of rat liver liver S9, thus less test animals.
  • Waste - Significant less plastic waste and thus reduced contaminated waste in environment.
  • Analytical services available, please contact info@xenometrix.ch

Product Components

  • 6 Sample Test Kit, if tested in 2 strains (TA98, TA100), triplicates, 6 doses, +/- S9, negative, positive controls, sterility control. PB/NF induced Rat liver S9 and controls (4-NQO, 2-NF, 2-AA) are included in the kit. S9 cofactor solution and microplates are not included in the kit.

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