XenoScreen YES/YAS

XenoScreen YES/YAS

Code: AN05-233-Y
Manufacturer’s Part Number: N05-233-Y
Product size: 4 x 96 data points
Clearance: RUO

Price: $1,500.00


Product Description

For Research Use Only.

Xenoscreen YES/YAS.

Product Characteristics

  • Each XenoScreen XL YES/YAS assay kit contains media and reagents for the analysis of 4 test compounds for agonistic and antagonistic estrogenic (YES) and androgenic (YAS) endocrine activity.
  • Use your own aliquots of YES and YAS yeast cells or order them separately: XenoScreen YES Strain, 1 vial, N05-230-E; XenoScreen YAS Strain, 1 vial, N05-230-A.
  • The compounds are tested in 8 dilutions. Each assay has its own positive and negative controls.

Product Components

  • 5 sample kit without strains – 4 x 96 data points.
  • Microplates included.
  • Please refer to Instructions For Use for complete list of kit contents.

Product Applications

Instructions For Use

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