S9 Cofactor Kit for Ames MPF

S9 Cofactor Kit for Ames MPF

Code: APCO-0800
Manufacturer’s Part Number: PCO-0800
Product size: 20 ml
Clearance: RUO

Price: $295.00


Product Description

S9 Cofactor Kit for Ames MPF.

Product Characteristics

  • One vial of each solution is sufficient for at least 576 measuring points which allows e.g. to test 24 samples in one strain (6 doses, triplicates, negative and positive control). Composed of rat liver enzymes (S9) and of the co-factor NADP with a linked NADPH regeneration system

Product Components

  • Ames MPF S9-Buffer-Salts, 20 mL, 2-8°C.
  • Ames MPF S9-G-6-P. 0.9 mL, -20°C.
  • Ames MPF S9-NADP, 3.5 mL, -20°C.

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