Purified B2-Glyco-Protein I (B2GP1)

Purified B2-Glyco-Protein I (B2GP1)

Code: APP010A
Manufacturer’s Part Number: PP010A
Product size: 1 x 100 µg

Price: Discontinued


Product Description

Research Use Only.

Human B2GPI. High purity grade protein, purified with non-denaturing procedures, which keep the structure and the Phospholipid binding capacity of the native protein.

Product Characteristics

  • Molecular Weight: 50,000 Da

Product Components

  • 100 µg (1 mL) ≈ 20 PEU B2GPI Human Protein

Product Applications

For in vitro use only.

For reserach studies and protocols where a source of highly purified, non-degraded, human B2GPI is required.

Recommended for use as a protein cofactor for the binding of anti-B2GPI auto antibodies in the presence or the absence of anionic Phospholipids. For testing Phospholipid dependent antibodies.

Instructions For Use

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Technical Data

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