Ames - Semisolid S. typhimurium strains, TA97a

Ames - Semisolid S. typhimurium strains, TA97a

Code: APSS-0114
Manufacturer’s Part Number: PSS-0114
Product size: 250 microliters after reconstitution
Clearance: RUO

Price: $235.00


Product Description

TA97a - S. typhimurium Tester Strain for Ames Test:

  • for the detection of genotoxic chemicals according to OECD 471
  • for the detection of genotoxic impurities according to ICH M7 Guideline
  • for testing waste or surface ater according to ISO 11350:2012
  • for the screening of chemicals, pharmaceuticals or comsmetics in a miniturized assay system (AMES MPF)

Product Characteristics

  • Mutations: hisO1242, hisD6610
  • Type: frameshifts
  • Target: GCGCGCGC
  • rfa Mutation: defective lipopolysaccharide (LPS) layer
  • uvrB Mutation: Eliminates the accurate excision repair mechanism
  • pKM101 R-Factor Plasmid: Enhances chemical and UV-induced mutagenesis, Ampicillin Resistance

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