2021 Winner

Aniara is happy to announce the winner of the 2021 Aniara grant
in the amount of $10,000 - Jessica Cardenas, PhD

We are proud to announce the winner of our 2020 Coagulation Research Grant

Jessica Cardenas, PhD

She now has $10,000 to use towards her project:
Fibrin(ogen) fragments as a novel mediator of endotheliopathy during critical illness.

Specific Aims:

The overall goal of the proposed research is to identify hyperfibrinolysis and release of fibrin(ogen) fragments/degradation products (FDPs) as a key mechanistic link between traumatic coagulopathy and endotheliopathy. The overarching hypothesis that FDPs induce endothelial cell (EC) hyperpermeability and that disrupting EC-FDP interactions can mitigate EC barrier disruption and organ edema. To address this hypothesis, we propose the following Specific Aims:

Specific Aim 1: Examine EC-specific signaling induced by FDPs that results in EC activation and hyperpermeability

Specific Aim 2: Identify novel therapeutic targets to limit FDP-endothelial interactions

Specific Aim 3: Determine the effectiveness of inhibiting FDP release and/or FDP-EC interactions on thromboinflammation and organ injury

Congrats Jessica!