Coagulation Corner

Balancing your choices and keeping triggers to a minimum will ensure that your platelet activation is kept in check.

"I have learned things about coagulation disorders, and I am not talking about from textbooks or documentaries, just in novels. It is amazing how disorders are worked into a story."

Without a doubt, VET is becoming part of patient
management protocols in a variety of clinical settings.

Improving workflow is not one size fit all, it needs to be done by a purposeful analysis for individual laboratories based on size, volume of testing and the comfort level of the technologists.

The implementation of POC coagulation testing provides timely results that can improve turn around time and decrease the time to treatment.

What would you like to unwrap for your coagulation laboratory this season?

It has been well established that coagulation testing is complex. Compounding that is the confusing way that coagulation tests are named.

Raising awareness in both healthcare professionals and the community is the purpose of World Thrombosis Day.

Research will continue to explore causes as well as treatments,
because as we all know, COVID is here to stay.

When evaluating pediatric samples, it is best to use appropriate reference ranges taking into consideration ages, the analyzer and reagent.