2015 Winner

Aniara is happy to announce the winner of the
2012 Aniara Lab Tech Award - Beverly Leslie!

Beverly Leslie
Beverly Leslie, BSc, ARCT

Dear Bev,

The selection committee is pleased to announce the Winner of the ANIARA Coagulation/Hemostasis Technologist Award for Excellence for the 2012 year - Ms. Beverly Leslie.

As is the usual case, all nominees submitted were very deserving of this award, and it was a very difficult decision to try to choose only one recipient. The committee would like to congratulate all nominees on their commitment and wonderful work in the area of coagulation.

From the nomination letters and curriculum vitae submitted on her behalf, it is clear that Beverly has a longstanding, genuine passion for coagulation, and what could be referred to as “coag intuition”. She has been a true mentor and wonderful support person for those who work with her. Her work with clot bound thrombin, allowing for development of better anticoagulant medications, which we are now seeing come to fruition in the clinical realm, has been an outstanding, yet practical, contribution to the often under-appreciated world of coagulation.

The letters of support submitted on her behalf include such accolades and praise as follows:

"Beverly is not only a brilliant scientist, she is also a wonderful mentor."

"Her supportive and nurturing nature has helped to promote the scientific careers of countless graduate and undergraduate students."

"Her greatest accomplishment was in the development of the assays that discovered the protection of clot-bound thrombin from inhibition by heparin-antithrombin. This investigation has led to a greater understanding of coagulation and anticoagulation, resulting in important re-considerations for anticoagulant therapy in prevention of thrombosis."

Congratulations Beverly!

2011 Winner

Aniara is happy to announce the winner of the
2011 Aniara Lab Tech Award - Linda Stang.

Linda Stang
Linda Stang, MLT

Dear Linda,

On behalf of the selection committee for the Aniara Coagulation/Hemostasis Technologist Award for Excellence, I am thrilled to inform you that you have been nominated and selected as the recipient for 2011. The committee was faced with a hard decision this year as there were several deserving nominees. The information presented on your behalf was outstanding and exemplary. It was evident that you satisfy four major criteria the selection committee was looking for this year. You are currently involved in clinical aspects of coagulation testing and patient care. To your credit, there are numerous publications (past and pending) involving research, testing guidelines and clinical laboratory standards. Similar to previous award winners, you are deeply involved in the education of current as well as upcoming laboratorians and residents.

I would like to quote two specific comments that were provided to the committee that made your nomination stand out.

"Her commitment to furthering her self development in both the clinical laboratory and academia in the area of coagulation is evident in this nomination and recognition of her knowledge in the area of coagulation is evident both internal and external to her organization."

"Linda has made a difference in the coagulation world and has helped many different areas in the hospital."

Congratulations on this outstanding recognition by your peers.


Steve Johnson

Congratulations Linda!

2010 Winner

Aniara is happy to announce the winner of the
2010 Aniara Lab Tech Award in the amount of $2000.

Steve Johnson
Mr. Steve Johnson
Senior Technologist
Hematology Laboratory

Dear Steve,

It gives me great pleasure on behave of the committee to advise you that you have been named recipient of the Aniara's Coagulation/Hemostasis Technologist award for excellence for 2010. Your peers echoed the same sentiments in each of their nomination letters, knowledgeable, dedication, helpful, a great resource. Just to highlight a few of the accolades for you;

"He is a person who performs and teaches coagulation as easily as he eats and breathes"

"He is a fountain of knowledge, but he also is adept at sharing this knowledge while he listens to your perspective on the topic."

"Steve is the best, the most knowledgeable and (what is even more important) the most helpful Coagulation/Hemostasis Technologist I have known."

Congratulations Steve, a much deserved award.
Kind regards,

Marilyn Johnston

Congratulations Steve!