Aniara Diagnostica provides you with a comprehensive offering of diagnostic and research agents, as well as screening tools, all designed to meet today's highest standards for product quality. You can also rely on Aniara for highly cost-efficient delivery.

Our primary mission is to help drive continual exploration and discovery throughout the medical universe, seeking new, enhanced, and innovative products that, ultimately, result in superior healthcare and successful patient outcomes. Our support of medical research, to that end, is steadfast.



Shipping Information

Hyphen BioMed & Medicago Products
Xenometrix & U-CyTech Products
US Freight

1-5 lbs = 65 USD
6-10 lbs = 95 USD
11-25 lbs = 130 USD

Canadian Freight

1-5 lbs = 85 USD
6-10 lbs = 110 USD
11-25 lbs = 135 USD

International Freight

Please Inquire +1 (513) 770-1991

Products are shipped directly from Xenometrix & U-CyTech. Shipping charges are therefore calculated during the order fulfillment process. You will be invoiced for shipping charges, at a later date, for any Xenometrix or U-CyTech products ordered.

Note: Xenometrix Dry Ice Shipments - Freight will be added to shipment (Xenometrix will notify us of the cost). XMT & XTT will be shipped normally.

Return Policy

  • In vitro diagnostic medical devices are not returnable.
  • Returns for research products must be authorized by Aniara prior to return. Aniara will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and Return Label.
  • You may return your items within 21 days if products are unopened, unmarked, undamaged, and correctly stored. You are accountable for shipping cost ($65 FexEx Overnight Priority), plus a $100 or 25% restocking fee, whichever is higher.
  • All returned items are subject to inspection by Aniara, to ensure product integrity. Credit will not be issued for returned products which are opened, marked (writing, stickers, etc.), damaged or improperly stored.