BIOPHEN™ Dabigatran Control Plasma

BIOPHEN™ Dabigatran Control Plasma

Code: A224701-CAN
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 224701
Product size: 2 x 6 x 1 mL
Clearance: CE / HCL

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Product Description

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

In EU: This Product is CE Marked.

Health Canada Licensed.

Lyophilized plasmas, at defined Dabigatran concentrations (2 levels of about 100 and 300 ng/mL), as measured with the HEMOCLOT™ Thrombin Inhibitors kit (Ref ACK002K-CAN / ACK002L-CAN), for the quality control of Dabigatran measurements with clotting or chromogenic assays.

Product Characteristics

  • Normal human plasma, freeze dried, with Dabigatran, at two different concentrations (high and low).
  • High stability following reconstitution.
  • Dabigatran Controls are accurately determined against an Internal Reference Standard, initially validated against fresh reference preparations of dabigatran, and confirmed with a physico-chemical method (HPLC).

Product Components

Product Applications

Quality control of anti-IIa clotting and chromogenic assays for Dabigatran (e.g., HEMOCLOT™ Thrombin Inhibitors,
Ref ACK002K-CAN / ACK002L-CAN, Low Range Protocol).

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