S9 Cofactor Kit for Ames MPF

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S9 Cofactor Kit for Ames MPF
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The S9 metabolic activation system used as "S9 mix" in the Ames MPF and in the classic Ames system is composed of rat liver enzymes (S9) and of the co-factor NADP with a linked NADPH regeneration system A frequently used NADPH regeneration system is based on the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH) which will convert NADP+ to NADPH in the presence of the substrate glucose-6-phosphate (G-6-P) in a buffer-salt environment. The complete S9 activation system in a set of three ready-to-use reagents: a buffer-salt solution, a G-6-P solution and a NADP solution which are mixed at specified proportions with the S9 rat liver enzymes. One vial of each solution is sufficient for at least 576 measuring points which allows e.g. to test 24 samples in one strain (6 doses, triplicates, negative and positive control. The total number of assays that can be performed depends on the researcher‘s experimental design. With these new reagents, a complete system for performing an Ames MPF assay are available, including media, strains, ampicillin, positive control chemicals, S9 and necessary cofactors. Ames MPF S9 activation system containing:

  • Ames MPF S9-Buffer-Salts, 20 ml, 2-8°C
  • Ames MPF S9-G-6-P. 0.9 ml, -20°C
  • Ames MPF S9-NADP, 3.5 ml, -20°C 


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