HYPHEN BioMed proposes a dedicated and specialized range of reagents for testing plasma anti-thrombotic proteins and cofactors involved in congenital or acquired thrombophilia


Code Name Price  
A221102 BIOPHEN Antithrombin 2.5 $124.00
A221105 BIOPHEN Antithrombin 5 $385.00
A221122-RUO BIOPHEN AT (Anti-IIa) $188.00
A221211-RUO BIOPHEN Protein C (LRT) $611.00
A221205 BIOPHEN Protein C 5 $864.00
ACK031K-RUO HEMOCLOT Protein C $405.00
ACK041K-RUO HEMOCLOT Protein S $308.00
ACK065K HEMOCLOT Quanti-V-L $280.00
ARK015A-RUO ZYMUTEST Free Protein S $600.00
ARK027A-RUO ZYMUTEST Protein C $550.00
ARK031A ZYMUTEST Protein Z $550.00
ARK021A-RUO ZYMUTEST Total Protein S $600.00
A120002-RUO LIAPHEN AT $258.00
ACK071K-RUO HEMOCLOT Factor V Reagent $58.00
A221123-RUO BIOPHEN AT anti-(h)-Xa LRT $103.00
A221127-RUO BIOPHEN AT anti-(h)-Xa LRT $256.00